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Heart: The City Beneath – Heartsblood Edition

The ultimate, gorgeous, deluxe version of Heart: The City Beneath.

UPDATE: We do not currently have any more Heartsblood editions available. If this changes we will update below.


There are a strictly limited number of Heartsblood editions of Heart: The City Beneath in the world. These were created during the Kickstarter for the original game, and are each one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted collector’s items made using traditional bookbinding and leatherworking techniques, created to look like items you might find in the world of the game. They contain the same internal content and game as the other editions of Heart – the detailing is cosmetic only.

These books feature:

  • A genuine leather wraparound cover in one of four colours: black, brown, red, and green. The green leather is treated so that it will discolour and become darker over time where it bends; this makes it a little thicker than the other colours, but all are thin and flexible, and retain soft fibres on the inside of the wrapping. Natural markings on the skins mean that each book has a unique grain pattern. The skins were selected from JT Batchelor’s leather store in London, which uses leather sourced from other industries along with vegetable dyes and traditional dyeing techniques.
  • Custom artwork designed by Heart’s master artist Felix Miall. These were hand-pressed onto all sides of the wraparound cover by bookbinders at Wyvern Bindery, either with gold foil or by “blind” blocking, where heat and pressure are used without foil to create a dark imprint of the art on the leather.
  • Either: traditional longstitch binding, in which the sections are hand-stitched through the leather spine, to allow the book to fall open at the table; or traditional case binding, in which the sections were stitched together into a single block and glued into the leather with the use of endpapers. Our bookbinders used hand-marbled endpapers created by Jemma Marbles.
  • A hand-numbered and signed bookplate insert on thick cream cardstock, hand-pressed in black foil with the Spire Above Heart Below artwork from the Heartsblood back cover.
  • UV offset printed pages finished by Livonia Print.

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