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Vermissian Knight enamel pin

Wear the official Vermissian Company logo with this enamel pin badge.

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The Vermissian is a cursed, centuries-old mass transport network that the people of Spire built to get from place to place quicker. To power it, they tapped into the wellspring of potential that is the Heart, and damned every single tunnel and station to eternal weirdness. The Vermissian never officially opened and lingers on still in the cities above and beneath, seeping the uncanny through brick and stone and echoing with the rail-songs of long-dead trains. Desperate people, fringe historians and heretic cults hide in the infrastructure, using the unreality within to further their own ends.

Using barely-understood technology and living in the space between worlds, the Vermissian Knights do their level best to understand the parasite dimension and protect others they find there. They are in high demand as companions on delves: they have an understanding of the Heart, a good sword arm and a suit of powered armour built from scavenged train materials that helps keep them (and their allies) alive.

If YOU would like to show your allegiance to a group of power-armoured train knights – or just because you like the design – then you can get this limited-edition enamel pin badge depicting the official Vermissian Company logo designed by Hari Conner (based on the original Vermissian Company logo by Felix Miall) made available as part of Gen Con Online 2021’s Pin Bazaar.



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