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  • The Rules of the Deep

    Beauty and death lay in wait far beneath the earth.

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  • Super Cool Monster Hunting Club

    Dress up in things you find around your house and then go kick the snot out of a dracula.

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    Can YOU evade death's chill grasp? Full disclosure: no.

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    Big Gay Orcs is a one-page roleplaying game about finding love at the end of everything. Download the free PDF here.

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  • Christmas is Coming

    A one-page folk horror game set in a bad Christmas film.

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  • Vermissian Knight enamel pin

    Wear the official Vermissian Company logo with this enamel pin badge.

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  • Miracle Workers

    Your bosses can bring people back from the dead. But first you've got to bring them back from the dungeon, which is much more difficult.

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  • Spire GM Screen for the Conspiracy kit against cinder blocks with smoke © SHAW STUDIO

    Spire GM Screen

    A beautiful GM screen for your Spire campaign.

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  • Fetch

    A solo journaling game about destroying yourself for revenge.

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  • Knock Off Mascots

    Murder your way to the top and replace the official mascot after years of humiliation.

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  • Captain Swanhands

    Fighting crime would be easy if you didn't have swans for hands. Well - it'd be easier.

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  • Spire and Underspire maps and prints

    High-res, absurdly detailed maps of Spire and Underspire by Tim Wilkinson Lewis.


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  • Sale!

    Spire source books and scenarios bundle

    Get physical copies of all the Spire scenarios and sourcebooks at a discount when you buy them as part of this bundle.

    This includes pre-orders of everything created as part of our recent Sin Kickstarter; these will ship separately once they've arrived. 

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  • Shattered City front cover on a mossy rock with foliage and green lighting ©SHAW STUDIO

    Shattered City

    A fragmented land thrums with geomantic power. Hungry empires paint new borders with the blood of their citizens. Rebels in a twice-conquered city dream of freedom.

    Tell this city's legends as years pass and leaders rise and fall!

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    Heart: The City Beneath book and map set

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  • Board to Death

    Are YOU a bad enough dude to choke out the dog from Monopoly?

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