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Hearty Dice Friends Episode 42 – A Lot of Jokes About Blanka

Hey look! It’s that big green guy we all know and love: Blanka! He lives in the jungle and he does electric for fun and profit. His dad is a tree and his mum is twenty eels. Also in this episode: – What’s it going to take for RPGs to become mainstream? – What interesting […]

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Hearty Dice Friends Episode 41 – Dice Shanties

On this week’s show: – A surprisingly long chat about old crisps, right off the bat – Dwarfsongs – Dice training, and why it shouldn’t – Chromatic goblins – Teeth? – Fun but problematic content in games vs People actually buying it – And many more, including a special surprise guest! Much love, as ever. […]

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Hearty Dice Friends Episode 40 – Juggalo Lunch Club

ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: – Timed games? – Lunchtime roleplaying? – James Bond? – Beer and/or pretzels? – New players? And many more. Also we’re very sorry but Grant had some ambient noise on his track that we can’t remove; hopefully you’ll be able to struggle through and pick out what he says regardless. One […]

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Hearty Dice Friends Episode 38 – Ten Things I Hate About Players

In this week’s episode: – RPG burnout – How to defend yourself from nightmare flying heads – Player pet hates (but not how to deal with them) – What went wrong with D20 Modern? – BRUMBO! – Etc We adore you. Come and live with us in a faraway castle. – G-Whizz and Rising C-Levels […]

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Welcome to the Hearty Dice Hearth: the start of a series where we gather round an imaginary internet fireplace and answer your questions in more detail, and perhaps in a more actually-useful way, than we do on our podcast. This week: DJM ASKS: How do you include monsters as NPCs without the players getting all […]

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Hearty Dice Friends podcast

Hearty Dice Friends is a weekly podcast featuring two of the Rowan, Rook and Decard team – Grant Howitt and Christopher Taylor. Each week, they (sort of) answer roleplaying questions sent in by the general public and, should those questions not prove entertaining enough, they also trawl the archives of Reddit/RPG looking for desperate souls […]