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Header image by David Stanley on Flickr 1 – Their master, a proud red dragon, died several generations ago. Now, when they march to war, they swarm underneath her skeleton and tanned, leathery hide, and carry her to glory. Arrows bounce off her scales, and they lob alchemist’s fire out of her jaws. (The locals […]

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What are those orcs doing?


Header image by Bill Smith on Flickr D66 1  Arguing about…. The best way to cook adventurers that you’ve caught, as a lone halfling sits marinating in olive oil and herbs Which orc god is more brutally handsome – the gruff and unshaven Gruhg or the lithe and muscular Osso Who’s on their side and […]

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What’s weird about these goblins?

credit: Hammermancer image by Iguanamouth 1 They worship seagulls, after being caught at sea on a particularly treacherous voyage, and view them as pecky angels. The worship is not at all mutual and many of the dropping-caked goblins are blind in one or more eyes. 2 They love explosions. They were raised in a mine, […]