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Hollows is live on Backerkit now!

This world is sour. And here, sourer still – a rotten knot of rust and ruin, boiling beneath the real. A Hollow. Hollows is our upcoming full-length all-singing-all-dancing game which features: If you’ve enjoyed Chris and Grant’s work on Spire and Heart (or indeed one of the dozens of other titles to their names) then […]

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SANCTUM preview

We’re going to do previews of each of the four Heart sourcebooks we’re writing to release alongside the core book. First up, SANCTUM: SANCTUM was previously titled ABSOLUTION, but as we wrote it, we realised that ABSOLUTION didn’t make any sense as a title so we changed it. (That’s one of the challenges with stretch […]

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Cleaver Class Breakdown

THE CLEAVER The Heart is a wild place, and it calls to wild people – those on the edge of society who find that the yoke of civilisation chafes against their skin. The wildest of all are known as Cleavers; those who step out into the shifting nightmare of the City Beneath and make a […]

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Witch Class Breakdown

the witch

There is a disease, deep in the City Beneath, that worms its way inside the blood and binds the victim to the place; they become a part of something far greater than themselves.

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Class Breakdown: The Hound

The Hound is one of the classes from Heart, our upcoming RPG. Check out the Kickstarter here – at time of writing we’re in our last 48 hours. In the past: the 33rd Regiment were sent down to pacify the Heart by a mad warrior-poet from the City Above. Of the nine hundred or so enlisted […]

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Class Breakdown: The Deadwalker

The Deadwalker is one of the classes from Heart, our upcoming RPG. Check out the Kickstarter here. The walls between worlds are thin in the Heart, and the difference between life and death is simply a matter of perspective. Having narrowly escaped their own demise, the Deadwalker uses their tattered soul to break into the afterlife […]

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Kickstarter, Heart and the union

So, let’s talk about Kickstarter. When we were preparing to launch the Heart campaign, the news broke about Kickstarter’s alleged union-busting activities, including the firing of two employees who were active in attempting to organise. At the time, that prompted us – along with a lot of other creators – to seriously consider our position. […]