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Heart: The City Beneath RPG

A red wet heaven slumbers fitful under the city of Spire.

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What is Heart: The City Beneath?

Heart: The City Beneath is a standalone roleplaying game that gives players the opportunity to take on the role of delvers – people on the fringes of civilisation who are driven to explore a shifting, unpredictable realm waiting beneath the surface of the world in search of answers, absolution, or revelations.

Using the Resistance System first developed in Spire: The City Must Fall, Heart focuses on what player characters have to lose in pursuit of their goals whether that’s supplies, friends, sanity, blood, a way home, or spatial or bodily integrity. Anything is up for grabs.

Classes such as the addict Junk Mage, the bee- filled Deep Apiarist, the ravenous Cleaver and the pre-deceased Deadwalker give players the opportunity to explore the world from unique perspectives.

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